Sugar substitutes? Food for thought …

“Hey, Savvy Girl! Can you make me a gluten-free brownie without sugar?” We hear you! Recipe testing is about to begin — but first, mucho research. Something we’ve run across again and again: producers who use evaporated cane juice as a “substitute.” Um, no. Here’s what the FDA says (“false”), and here’s a link to the FDA’s May 2016 report (excerpt below).



Outstanding New Product!

Our coffee brownie is a finalist for the Specialty Food Association’s SOFI award for Outstanding New Product! The Oscar of the food world. Yessss! We are thrilled, honored, and slightly overwhelmed. And also having fun with the statue (yep, it feels like an Oscar) Here’s the press release: sofi 16 Finalist Press Release

selfie with SOFI june 22 16

Savvy now, and sweet as ever

All you loyal Sweet Girl Brownie fans out there may be wondering what happened to Sweet Girl.

In a nutshell? She grew up. Fast. A couple of months ago Sweet Girl Brownie Company ran into a possible name-conflict problem. To avoid the rabbit hole of a distracting, wildly expensive attorneys’ dance, Sweet Girl quickly matured into Savvy Girl. And Brownie Company became Baking Company.

What didn’t change? Our brownies. Savvy Girl Brownies are perfectly balanced between cakey and fudgy, between chewy and melt-in-your-mouth delicate. They’re made from scratch, batch by batch. They’re gluten-free. And yes, they’re as famously scrumptious as ever.

And they’re about to to be joined by more products. We’ve been busy in the test kitchen. More about that soon. Thanks for visiting our new site. Talk at you again soon.

Who is the Savvy Girl?

Who’s the Savvy Girl, you ask? This letter is on the the label of every brownie we sell. Read between the lines. You’ll figure it out.

Dear Savvy Girl,

Can a brownie change your life? You bet it can. Savvy Girl Baking Company exists because you suggested that I sell my “awesome brownies” when I faced some, um, challenges. Thanks for the advice. I’m having a blast baking the world’s best brownies (and more) from scratch, batch by batch, and selling them everywhere. When you were little, I called you Sweet Girl. Now you’re all grown up, wise to the world, and a daily inspiration. Of course I named the company after you! I’d love to have you join the family business someday . . . but finish college first.

Stay sweet, my savvy girl,
Love, Mom