Savvy now, and sweet as ever

All you loyal Sweet Girl Brownie fans out there may be wondering what happened to Sweet Girl.

In a nutshell? She grew up. Fast. A couple of months ago Sweet Girl Brownie Company ran into a possible name-conflict problem. To avoid the rabbit hole of a distracting, wildly expensive attorneys’ dance, Sweet Girl quickly matured into Savvy Girl. And Brownie Company became Baking Company.

What didn’t change? Our brownies. Savvy Girl Brownies are perfectly balanced between cakey and fudgy, between chewy and melt-in-your-mouth delicate. They’re made from scratch, batch by batch. They’re gluten-free. And yes, they’re as famously scrumptious as ever.

And they’re about to to be joined by more products. We’ve been busy in the test kitchen. More about that soon. Thanks for visiting our new site. Talk at you again soon.

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