• Let’s get it over with …
    May I have your recipe?

  • Who is the Savvy Girl?
    This letter is on the label of every Savvy Girl brownie. Read between the lines. You’ll figure it out.

Dear Savvy Girl,
Can a brownie change your life? You bet it can. Savvy Girl Baking Company exists because you suggested that I sell my “awesome brownies” when I faced some, um, challenges. Thanks for the advice. I’m having a blast baking the world’s best brownies (and more) from scratch, batch by batch, and selling them everywhere. When you were little, I called you Sweet Girl. Now you’re all grown up, wise to the world, and a daily inspiration. Of course I named the company after you! I’d love to have you join the family business someday . . . but finish college first.
Stay sweet, my savvy girl,
Love, Mom

  • Why do you ship via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail?
    Two words: freshness and value. We want you to enjoy Savvy Girl Brownies at their freshest. And experience has taught us that U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail is the most cost-effective way (for you, and for us) to get your brownies to you safely, quickly, and reliably.

  • Do you offer gluten-free brownies?
    Why, yes! Our delicious brownies are gluten-free. We use brown rice flour in place of wheat flour. Bet you can’t tell the difference.

  • What is a ginger brownie? And what’s a blondie?
    Savvy Girl ginger brownies are subtly spiced with two kinds of ginger and a smidgeon of cardamom. Aromatic and scrumptious! A Savvy Girl blondie is a brownie without the cocoa. Think of chocolate-chip cookie dough … with two kinds of chocolate chips, and a dash of kosher salt to enhance the chocolate. Savvy Girl brownies and blondies are moist, chewy, and bursting with chocolate. And — yes, all are gluten-free.

  • Are your brownies available to wholesale customers?
    Absolutely. Click Contact, above, to request more information.

  • Gifts?
    My oh my, you shouldn’t have! But we’re glad you did. Yes, a beautifully wrapped box of brownies is a thoughtful way to send greetings to your family and friends, and to thank your customers, clients, and more. We offer quarterly and monthly Brownie Subscriptions too!

  • What if I don’t eat them all right away?
    No problem. Place your well-wrapped brownies in an airtight container and put them in the freezer. Our brownies freeze well for at least three months. Shelf life at room temperature is 60 days.

  • Do your brownies contain nuts? And are your brownies kosher?
    No, but some of the ingredients in our brownies are processed in facilities that process nuts. And no, our brownies are not kosher.

  • Any plans for more products?
    Glad you asked! Last summer we introduced two new gluten-free treats: a ginger brownie (subtly spiced with two kinds of aromatic ginger, plus a touch of cardamom), and a chocolate-chip blondie (think of chocolate-chip cookie batter, but better! with a touch of kosher salt to enhance the chocolate chips). And we’re working on several more delicious gluten-free confections. Stay tuned …